Ants: How to Deal with California’s Number One Pest

31 / Jan / 2023

Ants are one of the common pests in California. They can be found everywhere, from homes to businesses to public spaces like parks and schools. Unfortunately, they can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. From invading pantries and eating through food supplies to damaging structures, ants have become the number one pest in California. By understanding the root causes of these problems, we can take proactive measures to prevent further disastrous consequences.


1. Why do Ants Thrive in California?


Numerous species of ants, like argentine ants and sugar ants, have infested homes. Here are some reasons why they call California their home.


  • Ability to adapt – This means they can quickly spread throughout the state. California’s mild climate helps them survive year-round.


  • Abundant food – The abundance of food sources provides an excellent environment for breeding.


  • Survive winter – Many species of ants can survive the winter by forming colonies underground and remaining dormant until warmer temperatures arrive.


2. Why Is Ant Infestation Out of Control?


A lack of proper ant control methods also causes ant infestations. Far too often, homeowners opt for DIY solutions to get rid of sugar ants in the kitchen in Irvine, CA; these are either ineffective or cause more harm than good. Pesticides may seem like an easy solution, but they can be toxic and even fatal to humans and animals. Additionally, they can kill beneficial insects and other wildlife if not applied correctly or used excessively. Therefore, it is essential to seek professional help when dealing with an ant problem.


3. How to Control Ant Infestation? 


Here are some methods that can help you eliminate ants in your home or business:


  • Remove Food Sources – The first step is to remove any sources of food that ants may be attracted to, such as sugar, starch, and grease. Seal up any possible entry points where they could enter the building, sealing gaps or cracks around windows, doors, and other entry points with caulk. Remember to clean up crumbs and spills right away. Keeping the area around your home clean can help deter ants from entering as they will have fewer places to hide.


  • Set Traps – Ant traps are a great way to eliminate ants without using toxic chemicals. These come in various forms, such as baits and gels that attract ants and then kill them when they enter the trap.


  • Repellents – Repellents can repel ants and keep them away from your home or business. These come in various forms, such as ant sprays, granules, and discs. Natural repellents such as vinegar, essential oils, and citrus peel have an overpowering smell that deters ants from entering your home.


  • Professional Help – Professional pest control experts have experience dealing with ants and can provide the best solution for your particular problem. They effectively take up argentine ant control services in Irvine while also taking measures to ensure your and your family’s safety. These services include baiting, trapping, and exclusion techniques to help eradicate the ant infestation quickly and efficiently.


By understanding how ants become a problem in California and what we can do about them, we can take proactive measures to prevent further disastrous consequences. Let a professional deal with this problem. Call Malang pest control today and learn more about how you can benefit from their services.

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