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Irvine Property Owners’ Handy Spider Prevention Guide

 Here at Malang Pest Control, getting rid of unwanted six and eight-legged houseguests is our specialty. Our extensive elimination procedures and thorough maintenance visits can give you peace of mind that your home is safe and pest-free. If you’re ready to give the spiders and insects on your property the boot, call us!...

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Are Ants Around My Irvine Property Dangerous?

While they don’t have ears, ants have two antennae that house their sense receptors, the most powerful of which are their odor receptors. The odor receptors of ants are exponentially stronger than other insects, which enable them to find food particles even as small as a crumb....

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Fire Ant Prevention Tips Everyone in Irvine Ought To Know

What is your worst fear when walking outside? Do you fear crossing paths with a bear, or perhaps stepping on a hive of wasps? If you are here today, you might have a fear of fire ants or at least the pain they cause. To help keep these painful pests off your Irvine property, here are a few things you ought to know...

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